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Today I wanted to share with you some things I've learned in the last year about everyone favourite buzz word topic “content creation”. At Dark Sided we believe that content creation is a really important aspect of esports as it lets fans connect to their favourite players or teams in a creative manor. You might have noticed that Dark Sided has really changed in the last year and has committed to improving our content creation.


Before we start, I’d like to thank Seagate for providing all the storage solutions Dark Sided require to be able to produce the best results possible. Seagate have kindly provided me with the Iron Wolf 14TB hard drive . Yes, terabytes. The hard drive aptly named ‘The Beast’ on my desktop PC, while technically a drive built for network storage, I use this as more of a long term storage solution. There’s more than enough room on this drive for me to film without thinking about where it all will need to be stored and I can hold on to off cuts and unused material should I ever need them in the future. Without these mass storage solutions Dark Sided wouldn’t be able to store the terabytes of 4K footage we’ve collected in the last year.


Perfection isn’t the way

Creating content isn’t as easy as it seems and sometimes you can get stuck in a "what should I make" / "what if it's not good" paralysis. A lot of the time, if you're making content outside of a controlled space (home/studio) you won’t have optimal lighting conditions or there might be a tonne of noise pollution, you’ll have to just work with the hand you’ve been dealt to get the best possible outcome. This can be really daunting because you might start to put unneccesary stress on yourself to create something "perfect" when in reality, you should be strive to just create something. As long as you start with something, you can always try to improve upon it.


You (probably) have what you need

Hardware is a tricky topic to talk about because some consider it to be a barrier to entry, but it shouldn’t be seen that way because you probably already have what you need in order to do something. Starting out, I captured events using my Google Pixel phone. I bought a Mobile shotgun mic and a very cheap and not a good idea, Phone Stand from Kmart, eventually I replaced the phone stand with an DJI Osmo Mobile gimbal (you can get the Osmo Mobile 2 for $189AU which is $100 less than what I bought the original for) and we filmed the Dark Sided Hong Kong FGC movie on that setup.

These days my setup is quite expensive, I’ve invested my own money in building up hardware to do something I enjoy but the take away points from this are, you can probably make it work with what you have or very little investment ($80 to $300 depending on what you want to do). You just need to go and do it!

Punctuality is key

If you’re trying to create content at a LAN or a convention or anywhere that you’re trying to achieve an element of coverage, it needs to be reasonably punctual. I’ve been guilty of failing this in the past where I’ll publish a video from an event that’s already a month and that’s really unfortunate because sometimes it doesn’t get the traction that you’d like while the event discussion is still hot. So keep in mind that getting things out as soon as possible while maintaining a level of quality that you feel comfortable with is important. Covering an event with still images is pretty easy for me because I’ve perfected my personal mobile workflow over the last year or so, but it wasn’t always so easy. My advice to you is to have a plan of attack, know what you need and how you’re going to deliver it before you need to actually deliver.


Have fun with it

When you’re really enjoying what you’re doing, it’ll shine through in your work so be sure to enjoy the content creation process. If you’re not enjoying it, maybe take a break or maybe it’s not for you but if you force yourself to into it, you’ll end up cutting corners. I’ve completed so many projects where I just pushed myself through it and I haven't enjoyed the final output because of the process, so make sure, whatever you decide to create, you enjoy creating it!

If you're interesting in asking any questions about content creation or would like to tell me about your own experiences while creating esports content, reach out to me on Twitter at @SteebFGC

Dark Sided Partners with AMD

Today it comes with great pleasure to officially announce ViewSonic.Dark Sided's latest partnership with computer hardware giant AMD!

AMD's continuous involvement within the Australian esports industry is among the best and we're very excited to be able to help them take that involvement to new heights.


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a leading computer hardware company that specialises in processor technology. As an esports organisation, ViewSonic.Dark Sided rely on the best possible performance from our computers and in partnership with AMD, ViewSonic.Dark Sided can consistently enable its players to reach the top of their game.

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce and share this partnership with the public. It’s one we’ve been working on for almost 6 months now, and I’m very proud to see it in fruition! AMD has always been a staple brand in the ANZ esports industry - and I’m confident we’ll all see some amazing work together. The brand itself fits perfectly in our current line of sponsors, so it’s safe to assume they’re right at home here.

Matt Westphal - Dark Sided CEO

To learn more about AMD and connect with them, check out their platforms:

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

We look forward to continuing our journey into 2018 and sharing what the future holds with AMD & ViewSonic.Dark Sided

Dark Sided Partners with Sennheiser

We've super excited to finally announce our newest brand partnership with audio revolutionisers Sennheiser! Sennheiser are committed to delivering highly optimised sound and build quailty to their customers in the music, home entertainment and esports industry alike and we're very excited to be a part of that drive.


At ViewSonic Dark Sided, we place a high value on selecting partners that not only want to support our teams, but share our vision for the future of competitive gaming. By partnering with Sennheiser, not only can we help their brand establish a foothold in Australian Esports, but also secure ViewSonic Dark Sided an audio partner that is eager to work with our players on creating opportunities that meet their stringent standards.

We’re excited to have Sennheiser join our family of sponsors and look forward to consulting with them to create new and exciting opportunities for our players. It's extremely apparent why their products are highly valued by professionals world-wise, and we couldn't be more excited to bring that to our players

Matt Westphal - Dark Sided CEO




You can catch our Counter Strike Global Offensive squad rocking the Sennhesier Game Zero s this weekend in Adelaide at the Australian Esports Masters .

As always stay tuned to our social channels for the latest on ViewSonic.Dark Sided !

ViewSonic Title Sponsorship

Over the past 6 months ViewSonic have been supporting Dark Sided players to help them achieve success in Australian Esports. As of today, we're taking that partnership to the next level.

It is with great pleasure that we announce a new title sponsorship with ViewSonic!

Dark Sided is one of the most recognized gaming organisations in Australia, and we are excited to expand on our partnership. As a global display brand with roots in the Australian gaming community, ViewSonic’s title sponsorship of Dark Sided solidifies our commitment to the local gaming scene and demonstrates our aspiration to be a leader in the gaming monitor market

Josh Edwards - Sales and Marketing Manager of ViewSonic Australia

At the end of August, Dark Sided’s Street Fighter V roster will journey to Hong Kong for their Capcom Pro Tour Premier event, where they’ll face off with some of the best international players in the world for coveted Pro Tour points.

Next month in September, the entire FGC team (inclusive of Spud and Waz) will be attending Australian FGC Major, Ozhadou Nationals (OHN15) in Sydney, where they’ll be looking to reciprocate their May success at Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM9) in Melbourne. Both these huge Australian FGC events were proudly sponsored by ViewSonic ANZ.

Working with ViewSonic has been an absolute dream thus far. I can’t truly explain the joy I feel presenting this announcement to the public, I can confidently say that it’s a culmination of efforts from Josh, our players, and the endless effort from our management team.

ViewSonic sponsored OHN14 last year, which was our first FGC event. When I saw how passionate the Aus FGC was towards ViewSonic and Dark Sided, for both supporting the FGC in respective ways, I knew I wanted to work with the brand. Dark Sided is definitely going to cause some damage in this year to come, and we couldn’t ask for a more supportive company to be along side us. I know for a fact that everyone under Dark Sided is looking forward to continuing a bright future with ViewSonic, and that working with a leader in gaming monitors will provide the support network we need to thrive ever more

Matthew Westphal - CEO and Founder of Dark Sided

Dark Sided Partners with Cooler Master

Today it comes with great pleasure to announce our latest partnership with computer hardware giant Cooler Master. Their commitment in driving the Australian esports scene forward is captivating and we’re thrilled at the opportunity to work with them in continuing to make waves.

We are extremely excited to be working with a brand as prolific as Cooler Master. They not only hold a strong presence within the gaming scene, but the entire computer hardware space as whole. Their products are what allows us to kit out our players, enabling Dark Sided to reach new heights in Australian esports.

Matt 'vDeadline' Cail, Dark Sided General Manager

To learn more about Cooler Master and connect with them - be sure to check out these links:

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Partnering with Cooler Master is only the beginning for a new Dark Sided which we’d love to share more details in future. As always stay tuned to our social channels for the latest on Dark Sided!