You might have heard the phrase "when it rains, it pours". Well, sometimes it's true; As of late last week we have part ways with our SMITE roster. Under Dark Sided, the core roster participated in the IEM Sydney SMITE Invitational, survived the brutal Smite OPL gauntlet, and placed 3rd at the Smite OPL Season 4 Split 2 LAN Finals. The roster have decided that it is time to move on, each going their separate ways to follow personal developments whether it be education or potential employment.

Dark Sided SMITE team

Dark Sided would like to thank the boys for everything they've achieved under the organisation and wish them the best of luck with each of the personal journeys in the future.

  • Alex 'Gruff' Brown
  • Riki 'Yada' Wellington
  • Dylan 'Laney' Lane
  • Zak 'Zakaryha' Norman
  • Max 'TheBeast' Waters
Dark Sided SMITE team featuring Viewsonic monitor
Dark Sided SMITE team
Dark Sided SMITE team
Dark Sided SMITE team

Photos courtesy of CyberGamer Australia and Brennan Snodgrass

Changes to Dark Sided SMITE

It is with a heavy heart that Dark Sided SMITE says goodbye to Nick 'Swifty' Thomason and Tyler 'Shred' Hall. Both players have been incredible personalities within the Oceanic SMITE scene, bringing us many laughs and even more ELO. Dark Sided would like to wish Nick and Tyler the absolute best with all of their future endevours and hope to see them in the competitive SMITE scene for years to come.

Dark Sided SMITE team

Nevertheless, it's with great excitement that Dark Sided would also like to announce their replacements on the SMITE roster in the form of veteran talent and multi-role magician Riki 'Yada' Wellington as mid laner (former Legacy Esports' Jungler) and Dylan 'JustLaney' Lane taking over the AD Carry position.

Dark Sided - Oceania SMITE Pro League

The new look Dark Sided roster cannot wait to hit the ground running with the SMITE Oceania Pro League Split 2 starting this week. They boys will be facing off against reigning champions, the LG Dire Wolves.

  • Alex 'Gruff' Brown - Support (c)
  • Dylan 'JustLaney' Lane - ADC
  • Riki 'Yada' Wellington - Middle
  • Max 'TheBeast' Waters - Jungle
  • Zak 'Zakaryha' Norman - Solo
  • Alex 'SwitchBae' Cascio - Manager/Coach