Dark Sided Rainbow 6 Siege Roster Update

Back in May the ViewSonic . Dark Sided Rainbow Six Siege team qualified for the Rainbow 6 Siege Pro League APAC finals along side some of the best teams in the asia pacific region. These teams fought for a chance to attend the Pro League Season 7 Finals in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Unfortunately the squad fell to Nore-Rengo after defeating Element Mystic.


Cutie probably shouldn't have shaved before LAN photos


Finally after what has seemed like forever, Season 8 is upon us. ViewSonic.Dark Sided will be making some changes for this season of the ANZ Pro League. Firstly we've said goodbye to Wings and Warden and brought in Speca and Vir7ue. Finally Niko will no long be on the R6 roster but will be streaming under ViewSonic.Dark Sided moving forward.


ViewSonic.Dark Sided Rainbow Six Siege roster for the second season of the 2018 Rainbow Six Siege ANZ Pro League.

  • Fletcher 'Fletch' Hickling
  • Jack 'JackDaddy' Dawber
  • Bailey 'Cutie' Murdoch
  • Ryan 'Speca'
  • Jake 'Vir7ue' Grannan

You can catch the boys in action tonight as they take on SYF Gaming in the opening round of the Rainbow Six Siege ANZ Pro League

Operation: Dark Sided

As we head comfortably into the new year, it comes as a great pleasure to announce our first roster venture with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. With esports steadily growing in Australia, Siege has quickly risen to prominence as a contending title and ViewSonic.Dark Sided look forward to being involved in its continual success.

Rainbow 6 Announcement

We are extremely excited to play under the ViewSonic Dark Sided name for the upcoming season of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League and hopefully bring them great results within the APAC region and in the international scene.

Fletcher 'Fletch' Hickling - Dark Sided Rainbow 6 Siege Captain


The Rainbow Six esports community has been a determined force that’s seen some explosive, but healthy growth. I couldn’t possibly ignore the production, the story lines, and the driving force from Ubisoft. This team has been amazing to work with already, within the short capacity it’s been thus far - I’m super excited for the future with this team, but also to work with the ever growing scene!

Matthew Westphal - Dark Sided Founder & Co-owner

The Official ViewSonic.Dark Sided Rainbow Six Siege is as follows:

  • Fletcher 'Fletch' Hickling
  • Josh 'Warden' Wadham
  • Tanzim 'Spas' Akram
  • Jack 'JackDaddy' Dawber
  • Erik 'Niko' Ahrenfeld
  • James 'UnY' Sullivan
  • Bailey 'Cutie' Murdoch