Dark Sided CS:GO Departs

Today it comes with great sadness that we at ViewSonic.Dark Sided announce the official departure of previously signed players, HaZR, Sterling, J1rah, JDK, and goa from the organisation.


Debuting their first online performance under the organisation at CGPL Spring 2017 in September, it was a welcomed sentiment to be able to support young talent once more as well as continue our presence within the Counter-Strike competitive scene.

A fond moment in history with the roster stands to be AEM Season 2 LAN Finals in which the boys we’re able to attain a 3rd place finish; falling just short of the Grand Finals in a heated playoff series against Sin Gaming.

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Dark Sided for taking us under their wing 6 months ago definitely one of the best orgs in AU, they've been very supportive throughout. Unfortunately the team didn't work out in the end, but I'm wishing the boys all the best in future.

Jared O'Bree - CS:GO Player

ViewSonic.Dark Sided would also like to thank the boys for their involvement within the organisation as well as congratulate them on their attained achievements. The boys have spoken out and have collectively stated the roster will disband and look for further opportunities elsewhere as individuals in the new year.

  • Jared ‘HaZR’ O’Bree
  • Euan ‘Sterling’ Moore
  • Jireh ‘J1rah’ Youakim
  • Jay ‘JDK’ Eckerman
  • Daylan ‘goa’ Fabbro
Photo credit: Brennan Snodgrass

Photo credit: Brennan Snodgrass