Waz Renews for 2019

For the third year in a row it is with the sincerest of pleasures that we renew Waz under Dark Sided for 2019. As Australia’s fiercest NRS competitor, the year ahead is expected to impress with many national and overseas events. This has come at an opportune time for Dark Sided as we will soon see a shift into MK11 in which we believe Waz to be a prime contender.


Dark Sided is looking forward to supporting Waz in his journey ahead. In the meantime, Wazx has been able to have exclusive hands on experience with MK11 in which he has featured on his Youtube.


Dark Sided Enters Tekken With Daniel

It is with tremendous pleasure that Dark Sided expands its presence in the FGC and furthermore welcomes seasoned Tekken veteran Daniel. With the ever growing influence of Tekken within Australia, it was clear that this was something Dark Sided should take part in.

Daniel Tekken.png

As a longstanding organisation in the FGC, it was important to Dark Sided that we found someone with the right set of values as a fit. Daniel is a down to earth bloke with a fiery passion for his title and we’re excited to be supporting him in this journey.

Matt Cail - General Manager

Catch Daniel as he debuts his first tournament under Dark Sided in the CouchWarriors burger battles - stay tuned to our Twitter to keep up to date.


Dark Sided Welcomes Dota 2

We at Dark Sided are delighted to announce that we have acquired AGN.Blue’s previous Dota 2 roster. Dark Sided is entering the world of one of the oldest MOBAs, we are eager to support this team’s journey throughout 2019. Please welcome the following players:

dota 2 announcement.png


  • xMusiCa
  • Baosu
  • Reverie
  • Tobz
  • Poyo/Filpe


  • Ningy

This team now enters Dark Sided alongside the plethora of talented players that we foster and we’re keen to watch their performance throughout 2019.

Follow their progress on our twitter.

Robbiesla Renews in 2019

We are happy to announce that our superstar streamer Robbiesla has re-signed with us for 2019. We love having him around to discuss all things Street Fighter, so we’re thrilled that he decided to stay with us on the dark side. We asked for Robbie’s thoughts.


“Being a part of Dark Sided, the team which defined the FGC in Australia, has been a dream come true! I'm honoured to say that I will be re-signing for the 2019 season and I can't wait to push myself, dark sided, and the FGC as a whole to new levels in the coming year!"

Robert Slann - Dark Sided SFV Player

If you want to keep up to date with his streams, follow him at twitch.


Rainbow Six Siege Departs

After a year long journey, it is with a heavy heart that Dark Sided announce its departure from Rainbow Six Siege. As one of the organisations most beloved rosters, Dark Sided and the team have come to the amicable agreement to part ways and continue as separate parties.


Dark Sided has cherished its time with not only the roster but the Rainbow Six Siege community as a whole. Although our absence from the Rainbow Six Siege scene (whether brief or not) has come painfully, we would like to openly wish these players the best of futures moving forward.